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ed-media pub­lish qual­ity magazines for the edu­ca­tion sector.

Both ed-media pub­lic­a­tions, and Good Teacher Magazine, are owned by Barisa-Holdings Ltd.

The own­ers have back­grounds in the edu­ca­tion com­munity along with wider ran­ging busi­ness interests and exper­i­ence and want to ensure that any­one open­ing their online magazines will find some­thing of interest to them.


Good Teacher Magazine


Free online. Paid for by advert­ising.
4 issues per year, 1 per term.
Uploaded 1st week of each school term

Contact Details:

ph: 021 798 868

ed-media pub­lic­a­tions
PO Box 5531
Mt Maunganui 3150

Good Teacher Magazine is a well-established inde­pend­ent quarterly magazine, full col­our A4 size.

It is regarded as a cred­ible, inter­est­ing and influ­en­tial source of edu­ca­tional inform­a­tion, and has developed into a life­style magazine.

Good Teacher was star­ted in 1993.

The tar­get audi­ence is teach­ers, prin­cipals, teacher edu­ca­tion pro­viders and students.

Benefits to advertisers:

  • Credibility. Good Teacher Magazine is writ­ten by teach­ers for teach­ers and they see it as authen­tic and teacher friendly. It is well read and respected
  • The chance to pro­file organ­iz­a­tions and their work with the edu­ca­tion community
  • Introducing new products and services
  • The chance to back­ground these products and ser­vices in an edu­ca­tional context
  • Building and main­tain­ing product and ser­vice awareness
  • Exposure to an inter­na­tional readership
  • The abil­ity to have your advert­ise­ment online and a link to your web­site or email address run­ning 24/7 for longer than the life of a print magazine


Short, inter­est­ing art­icles and inform­a­tion about courses, resources, cur­riculum issues, life­style, schools and teachers.


Website Event Listing(< 3 months): $20
Website Event Listing(> 3 months): $50
Website Banner Advertising:(Price is for total lis­ted time)

  • One Month ($50)
  • Three Months ($100)
  • Six Months ($200)

Other Website advert­ising options may be avail­able.
Contact us with ideas or inquiries.

Good Teacher Magazine is A4 size.

All prices are $NZ, GST exclus­ive and are not com­mis­sion bearing

Number of Issues
1 2 3 4
Full Page
Half Page
Third Page — Vertical
Quarter Page
Double Page Spread
Inside Front Cover
Outside Back Cover

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Remember to indic­ate whether your advert­ise­ment has bleeds.

Barisa-Holdings owns Barisa Designs™.
If you need assist­ance with your advert­ise­ment,
con­tact Michael on 021 244 3244 or
email and ask.


For more details about advert­ising in the Good Teacher Magazine, and on the Good Teacher web­site,
please con­tact Michael on 021 244 3244 or email

Material Specifications

We can accept most file formats, how­ever .pdf, .eps, .jpg or.tiff are pre­ferred.
Please try not to send Microsoft Word doc­u­ments.
Please do not send film, digital media only.

If we have to do addi­tional work to make the sup­plied file usable, addi­tional charged may be applied.
If we are unable to read the file, we will con­tact the supplier.


Ideally book­ings should be received by us on the Friday one week before the mater­ial is required.
We must have mater­ial on the Friday one week before the magazine is avail­able for down­load. (Unless writ­ten noti­fic­a­tion has been given)


The magazine goes live on Monday the 19th
Advertising should be in by Friday the 9th
Bookings should be made by Friday the 2nd

Conditions of Advertising Acceptance

We reserve the right to alter and/or amend these con­di­tions as situ­ations arise.


Unless a prior arrange­ment has been made:

  • Payment for advert­ising space is due and pay­able before the magazine is avail­able for download.
  • Payment for pro­duc­tion is due and pay­able on the 20th of the month fol­low­ing the date of publication.

Advertising mater­ial:

All mater­ial is to be delivered to the pub­lisher without expense to the pub­lisher.
Any costs incurred in secur­ing mater­ial, for example; toll calls, freight etc, will be charged to the advert­iser.
Material is held at the advertiser’s risk and is not insured by the pub­lisher.
Material is only held for one year but can be returned on request.

Cancellation of space:

Cancellations must be reques­ted before 5pm on the book­ing dead­line date and must be in writ­ing.
If you send an email to can­cel an advert­ise­ment, then you will receive a reply email advising that it has been received.
If you do not receive a reply email, assume that we have not received your email.


Publisher’s con­firm­a­tion will be sent for verbal orders.
Consequent lack of com­mu­nic­a­tion prior to dead­line will be taken as bind­ing con­firm­a­tion by the advertiser.

Contract advert­ising:

In cases where actual space taken for the period falls below the con­trac­ted volume, the pub­lisher will sur­charge all space taken at the appro­pri­ate rate.


The place­ment of an advert­ise­ment for other than pre­ferred pos­i­tions is at the publisher’s dis­cre­tion.
Although every care is taken, the pub­lisher will not accept liab­il­ity for any loss what­so­ever incurred through error or the non-appearance of an advertisement.

Rate pro­tec­tion:

The pub­lisher reserves the right to make revi­sion in advert­ising rates at any time.
Contract advert­isers will receive rate pro­tec­tion.
New rates will apply to con­tracts three months after the effect­ive date of increase.
Casual advert­isers’ rates will increase immediately.

Taxes and levies:

Government or industry taxes (includ­ing GST) and/or levies are addi­tional to the rate structure.