Soapbox — origins

This art­icle first appeared in the 2008 — Term 3 issue.
It was the first soap­box art­icle to appear in the cur­rent style magazine.

Accompanying this art­icle was this text taken from the edit­or­ial at the start of the magazine.
(edited to cor­rect spelling and add cur­rent email addresses)

A new fea­ture which was reques­ted and which the GTM Team thought was too good a chance to miss was ‘Your Soapbox’ an oppor­tun­ity to have an anonym­ous say on some­thing that is really bug­ging you.
Perhaps you have already over done your gripe in your staff­room and would like to have a say to a lar­ger forum… feel free to send your offer­ing to … we will email back so you know it has arrived safely, but you will remain anonym­ous to our read­ers… who will hope­fully respond.
So court a little con­tro­versy and get those key­boards going.

‘Your Soapbox — Finally, a chance to have your say’ con­tin­ues to be a reg­u­lar inclu­sion in the Good Teacher Magazine, giv­ing any­one that has an opin­ion on some­thing a (now inter­na­tional) outlet.

Astute read­ers will also pick up on the fact that this was the last magazine to be pro­duced in a ‘prin­ted’ format.
Tor those of you inter­ested in printing(there might be some!?), this down­load still con­tains the print­ers marks that are required for pro­fes­sional print­ing processes.

It always amuses me when sports com­ment­at­ors, prob­ably try­ing to fill in a bor­ing bit, or try­ing to avoid dead air, attempt to give short bio­graph­ies of a sports hero. The fol­low­ing example illus­trates what I mean. The char­ac­ter depic­ted bears no resemb­lance to any real person.

“So there we have Zac O’Rooney com­ing on as a replace­ment second five eighth. You may be inter­ested to know that his sis­ter played cricket for the Ilford third eleven and his father watches replays of Brazilian beach vol­ley­ball. Zac was edu­cated at Taureau College and is presently two years into a degree of com­par­at­ive scatology.”

soapboxSpot the blunder?

Seems like none of these super­her­oes were sub­jec­ted to any form of edu­ca­tion before puberty reared its head. I once heard a hope­ful politi­cian at an elec­tion rally say the same sort of thing about him­self and when he asked for ques­tions, I asked him why he hadn’t gone to primary school? He seemed a bit perplexed.

Of course, we all know that par­ents, pre-school edu­cat­ors, along with many other agen­cies also help edu­cate chil­dren. We all know that most stu­dents leave primary school with a huge amount of know­ledge and skills neces­sary to assim­il­ate the com­plex­it­ies of sec­ond­ary and ter­tiary edu­ca­tion. Is it
just journ­al­istic lazi­ness that pre­cludes people from find­ing out more about bio­graph­ical details? Or per­haps it is a genu­ine belief that true edu­ca­tion doesn’t begin until stu­dents are sub­jec­ted to formal, exam­in­able learning.

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