World Maths Day 2011

World Maths Day 2010

No events to show

No events to show

For those people inter­ested in find­ing out more about World Maths Day 2011 there is a bit of inform­a­tion on the cur­rent World Maths Day Website.
There is a tab at the top of the page, that says, 2011.

I wanted to know more inform­a­tion, so I emailed the good people at 3P Learning, Ltd NZ, and they got back to me with a few more details.

The web­site with the updated inform­a­tion about World Maths Day 2011, gen­er­ally goes up in late January for regis­tra­tions which open in February 2011.

The host city for World Maths Day 2011 will Auckland, New Zealand.
Also this event will form part of the World Education Games, which also includes the World Spelling Day, and World Science Day.

Details for World Science Day are not yet available.

There are all sorts of things being planned to lead up to this event, the first of which is next week, with the NZ Maths Challenge.
Winners from this event will be eli­gible to become World Maths Day Ambassadors for 2011.

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