Awesome Aotearoa

Awesome Aotearoa

Description Margaret Mahy’s History of New Zealand
Author Margaret Mahy Illustrated by Trace Hodgson
Publisher AUT Media – MacMillan (distribution)
RRP $29.99
GT Issue 2009 T2

Taking us from the beginnings of New Zealand – Gondwanaland, through to the end of the last century, Mahy’s asides make this an accurate amusing story of the history of our country.

Consisting of a massive 35 (short) chapters, the play on words is vintage Mahy – ‘Wars? A Bit Boering!’

The book covers a huge range of topics and while they are really touched on lightly the cumulative effect is an excellent coverage of those things which have impacted on the development of New Zealand as a nation.

The approach is non-partisan and the tone in which it’s written could only have been achieved by someone with a fondness for both their country and its inhabitants.

An entertaining read for astute children and adults alike. While the reference to actual politicians may not be easily understandable later on, this is the only part I could comment on in this manner.

The book is engaging whether reading the entire book in one sitting or dipping into it a chapter at a time.

The illustrations, by well known Trace Hodgson, suit the quirky nature of Awesome Aotearoa, Hodgeson’s humour (slightly different in itself) and Mahy’s seem well matched and the integration of the illustrations cannot be faulted.

Losing place in the text because of laughing at the illustrations happened on more than one occasion!

“Perfect for bedtime reading, classroom discussion and stealing from your kids’ bookshelf, Awesome Aotearoa is set to become a Kiwi classic.” From the back cover of the book.

This quote cannot be improved on – a truly lovely book –

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