Klara Fall (text) Heide Stollinger (illus­tra­tions)
Translated by Catherine Chidgey
Adapted by Penelope Todd
Gecko Press
GT Issue: 2006 T4

Reviewed by Catherine George
This pic­ture book is a charm­ing, slightly off-beat story about Elfrida the sheep, who longs to be shorn like a passing poodle. The reluct­ant shearer comes around to her way of think­ing, and adds his own col­our­ful design ele­ments to Elfrida and then the whole flock, and then his wife!

I was not par­tic­u­larly drawn in by the text, although adapt­ing and trans­lat­ing this rhym­ing story would not have been an easy task. And that said, my five year old loved the “Sproing, ga-doing!” and “Rambo pronks, and preens himself”.

However, I loved the illus­tra­tions, from award win­ning Heide Stollinger. The pastel-look pic­tures were unusual with gor­geous col­ours, and a nice change from the pleth­ora of graphic design Lauren Child imit­a­tions that seem to have flooded the pic­ture book mar­ket lately. An inter­est­ing addi­tion to a pic­ture book collection.

Recommended for three years and up.

Reviewed by Miles Ford, Age nearly 6
I liked Elfrida, it was really funny. I liked the writ­ing because it had quite a lot of words that I don’t hear all that often.

The fun­ni­est thing was that Elfrida used a sheep drop­ping to draw a pic­ture of how she wanted her hair cut! That was kind of rude, but in a funny way. The pic­tures were cool col­ours, espe­cially when all the sheep wanted to look like Elfrida, then they were all the col­ours of the rainbow!

I would recom­mend this book to any­one who likes funny stor­ies with interesting

pic­tures and lots of pink.

A pic­ture book for ages zero to infin­ity
32pp. 21 x 28.5 cm
Price: hard­back $29.99
Price: paper­back $16.99
ISBN paper­back 0−9582598−3−6
ISBN hard­back 0–9582720-0-X

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