Klara Fall (text) Heide Stollinger (illustrations)
Translated by Catherine Chidgey
Adapted by Penelope Todd
Gecko Press
GT Issue: 2006 T4

Reviewed by Catherine George
This picture book is a charming, slightly off-beat story about Elfrida the sheep, who longs to be shorn like a passing poodle. The reluctant shearer comes around to her way of thinking, and adds his own colourful design elements to Elfrida and then the whole flock, and then his wife!

I was not particularly drawn in by the text, although adapting and translating this rhyming story would not have been an easy task. And that said, my five year old loved the “Sproing, ga-doing!” and “Rambo pronks, and preens himself”.

However, I loved the illustrations, from award winning Heide Stollinger. The pastel-look pictures were unusual with gorgeous colours, and a nice change from the plethora of graphic design Lauren Child imitations that seem to have flooded the picture book market lately. An interesting addition to a picture book collection.

Recommended for three years and up.

Reviewed by Miles Ford, Age nearly 6
I liked Elfrida, it was really funny. I liked the writing because it had quite a lot of words that I don’t hear all that often.

The funniest thing was that Elfrida used a sheep dropping to draw a picture of how she wanted her hair cut! That was kind of rude, but in a funny way. The pictures were cool colours, especially when all the sheep wanted to look like Elfrida, then they were all the colours of the rainbow!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny stories with interesting

pictures and lots of pink.

A picture book for ages zero to infinity
32pp. 21 x 28.5 cm
Price: hardback $29.99
Price: paperback $16.99
ISBN paperback 0-9582598-3-6
ISBN hardback 0-9582720-0-X

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