Genius Squad

Genius Squad

Description Sometimes, when it comes to fight­ing evil, one genius just isn’t enough.
Author Catherine Jinks
Publisher Allen & Unwin
RRP $23.99
GT Issue 2008 T2
Reviewer Seamus Ford, age 13

Sometimes, when it comes to fight­ing evil, one genius just isn’t enough.

Genius Squad is the sequel to Evil Genius.
It is about boy genius Cadel Piggott, who has no idea who his father is or where he was born.
He is under con­stant threat from Prosper English, the crim­inal mas­ter­mind Cadel helped put in gaol.

Cadel is offered a pos­i­tion in the Genius Squad, a group of child genii who say they are ded­ic­ated to bring­ing down GenoMe, a com­pany Prosper set up.
But Cadel and his best friend Sonja (who is his con­science and some­times struggles to keep him on the straight and nar­row) ques­tion the motives of the Genius Squad – they some­times seem really close to the meth­ods of Prosper English’s Axis Institute.

Deciding between right and wrong is more dif­fi­cult than Cadel could ever have imagined.

Genius Squad is a very excit­ing sequel, maybe not quite as dark as Evil Genius – the char­ac­ters are slightly less evil this time round (though I don’t know if that’s say­ing much)!
There are lots of turns in the plot, and just when you thing things are set­tling down the excite­ment builds all over again.

You don’t need to have read Evil Genius to enjoy this book, as the first chapters recap enough about Cadel’s past.
I would recom­mend this book for ages 12 and up.
Fans of books such as Artemis Fowl will enjoy it, and I think it will be really pop­u­lar in intermediate/secondary school libraries.

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