It’s True! Sleep Makes You Smarter

It’s True! Sleep Makes You Smarter

Author Thalia Kalkipsakis, Pictures by Andrew Plant
Publisher Allen & Unwin
RRP $13.99
GT Issue 2007 T2
Reviewer Seamus Ford, Age 12

Sleeping is one of my favour­ite hob­bies, so I was pretty keen to read this book. The idea that I can sleep AND get smarter at the same time is def­in­itely one I’m look­ing for­ward to telling my par­ents and teach­ers about.

This non-fiction book has heaps and heaps of facts about sleep. How we sleep, why we sleep, what hap­pens when we’re sleep­ing and much more. Did you know that astro­nauts don’t snore in space because grav­ity makes you snore? Or that ducks sleep with one eye open to look out for danger? Well, read this book and you’ll find out all this and more!

Now, the bit about sleep mak­ing you smarter. Apparantly sleep­ing makes you feel more refreshed, and it’s easier for your brain to learn things. In some big cit­ies around the world there are little sleep cap­sules you can hire to have a nap! Some schools in Japan have a 15 minute nap time after lunch, and since they’ve star­ted doing this stu­dents’ work has improved!

The book goes into detail about dreams, and the stages of sleep such as REM, when the excit­ing things are hap­pen­ing in your dreams. It also tells you about how if your sleep stage is inter­rup­ted you can have trouble get­ting back to sleep – some­thing for those insom­ni­acs out there.

So I might be a little way off con­vin­cing my teach­ers that hav­ing a sleep is bet­ter for my edu­ca­tion than doing my home­work. However I’d def­in­itely recom­mend this book to any­one want­ing to find out more about the mys­ter­ies of sleep­ing. An easy read recom­men­ded for non-fiction fans aged 10 and up.

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