Manners Magic for Children

A guide to Popularity and Success
By Patsy Rowe
New Holland Publishers
RRP $14.99
GT Issue: 2010 T3

This cute little book aimed at 7 – 10 year olds is probably what grandmothers who have just spent the holidays helping mind their grandchildren, have been waiting for. Imagine the delight as they offer to read about How to make a good first Impression, how to be a good sport.. etc… or perhaps they will artfully leave it languishing on the grandchildren’s bedside table and jut take turns in who they invite over to stay!

All joking aside, in a world where manners frequently take a back seat to social networking and the importance of the ‘me” generation this book offers sane and sensible suggestions on what are probably referred to as the ‘niceties’ of behaviour…That which is expected by everyone over 30 and an increasing number who are under that age.

It has solutions to cover such queries as ‘how to be a whizz at the dinner table’.. the use of please and thank you and how the wise use of such words and a few compliments can get any child a lot further with adults than whining and demanding!

After thinking originally that this book would be a anachronism in this day and age I soon revised my thinking and now consider that many parents will find answers to behavioural expectations which they themselves may well have forgotten or perhaps did not learn in the beginning. It would assist children who have issues of self esteem and also for those who find it difficult navigating through the maze that is the expectations of adults.

This wee book is interesting, enjoyable to read, sensible and very usable.

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