Manners Magic for Children

A guide to Popularity and Success
By Patsy Rowe
New Holland Publishers
RRP $14.99
GT Issue: 2010 T3

This cute little book aimed at 7 – 10 year olds is prob­ably what grand­moth­ers who have just spent the hol­i­days help­ing mind their grand­chil­dren, have been wait­ing for. Imagine the delight as they offer to read about How to make a good first Impression, how to be a good sport.. etc… or per­haps they will art­fully leave it lan­guish­ing on the grandchildren’s bed­side table and jut take turns in who they invite over to stay!

All jok­ing aside, in a world where man­ners fre­quently take a back seat to social net­work­ing and the import­ance of the ‘me” gen­er­a­tion this book offers sane and sens­ible sug­ges­tions on what are prob­ably referred to as the ‘niceties’ of behaviour…That which is expec­ted by every­one over 30 and an increas­ing num­ber who are under that age.

It has solu­tions to cover such quer­ies as ‘how to be a whizz at the din­ner table’.. the use of please and thank you and how the wise use of such words and a few com­pli­ments can get any child a lot fur­ther with adults than whin­ing and demanding!

After think­ing ori­gin­ally that this book would be a ana­chron­ism in this day and age I soon revised my think­ing and now con­sider that many par­ents will find answers to beha­vi­oural expect­a­tions which they them­selves may well have for­got­ten or per­haps did not learn in the begin­ning. It would assist chil­dren who have issues of self esteem and also for those who find it dif­fi­cult nav­ig­at­ing through the maze that is the expect­a­tions of adults.

This wee book is inter­est­ing, enjoy­able to read, sens­ible and very usable.

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