Mostly Sunny With A Chance Of Storms

Mostly Sunny With A Chance Of Storms

Author Marion Roberts
Publisher Allen and Unwin
RRP NZ$18.99
GT Issue 2009 T4
Reviewer Catherine George

“Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms” is a delightful read – a follow up to Marion Robert’s previous “Sunny Side Up”.

Mostly Sunny begins with the announcement that Sunny’s blended family is going to move into her recently deceased Grandmother Carmelene’s house – a move away from Sunny’s best friends.
However Sunny is not one to let things get her down.
She proceeds to use reverse psychology to get the turret bedroom, sets up a dog minding business in her new back yard and makes friends with Finn, a wonderfully quirky boy who knits and breeds pigeons!

This book will have wide appeal, it has a great set of characters and interesting themes – stereotyping in relationships, friendship, the blended family, divorce, a new baby, post natal depression and coping with death. Phew!

While that sounds a bit much, the themes are not forced on the reader, but just reveal themselves through the story which romps along at an exciting pace.

Marion Roberts, the author, always wanted to be a fashion designer, but she studied science, alternative medicine and psychotherapy instead.

Read this book and her career path will not surprise you!

There is great complexity between the characters and relationships, but the book is charming and fun, in spite of the breadth of topics.
A fabulous book that many children will relate to.
A good one for reading aloud in class for intermediate level, though I would perhaps recommend reading Sunny Side Up first.

Highly recommended for age 10 and up, particularly girls.

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