Mostly Sunny With A Chance Of Storms

Mostly Sunny With A Chance Of Storms

Author Marion Roberts
Publisher Allen and Unwin
RRP NZ$18.99
GT Issue 2009 T4
Reviewer Catherine George

“Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms” is a delight­ful read – a fol­low up to Marion Robert’s pre­vi­ous “Sunny Side Up”.

Mostly Sunny begins with the announce­ment that Sunny’s blen­ded fam­ily is going to move into her recently deceased Grandmother Carmelene’s house – a move away from Sunny’s best friends.
However Sunny is not one to let things get her down.
She pro­ceeds to use reverse psy­cho­logy to get the tur­ret bed­room, sets up a dog mind­ing busi­ness in her new back yard and makes friends with Finn, a won­der­fully quirky boy who knits and breeds pigeons!

This book will have wide appeal, it has a great set of char­ac­ters and inter­est­ing themes — ste­reo­typ­ing in rela­tion­ships, friend­ship, the blen­ded fam­ily, divorce, a new baby, post natal depres­sion and cop­ing with death. Phew!

While that sounds a bit much, the themes are not forced on the reader, but just reveal them­selves through the story which romps along at an excit­ing pace.

Marion Roberts, the author, always wanted to be a fash­ion designer, but she stud­ied sci­ence, altern­at­ive medi­cine and psy­cho­ther­apy instead.

Read this book and her career path will not sur­prise you!

There is great com­plex­ity between the char­ac­ters and rela­tion­ships, but the book is charm­ing and fun, in spite of the breadth of top­ics.
A fab­ulous book that many chil­dren will relate to.
A good one for read­ing aloud in class for inter­me­di­ate level, though I would per­haps recom­mend read­ing Sunny Side Up first.

Highly recom­men­ded for age 10 and up, par­tic­u­larly girls.

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