My Life & Other Catastrophes

My Life & Other Catastrophes

Author Rowena Mohr
Publisher Girlfriend Fiction Allen & Unwin
RRP $17.99
GT Issue 2009 T3
Reviewer Jessie Smith

The sky is fall­ing in for Erin Costello. A divorce. A two-faced father. A cer­tain Marisa Mandozer. A sleazy little brother who could be involved in some­thing illegal. An ex-best best friend who maybe hates her. Brendan Russo who is almost cer­tainly full of him­self. Her mother’s creepy new possibly-a-drug-dealer boy­friend. Not to men­tion the English teacher who is prob­ably hav­ing an affair with her father. Oh, and the school play that will most likely just add to the list of disasters……

‘My Life and Other Catastrophes’, is the easy going, humor­ous story of a teen­ager. Written in the form of a journal com­pleted as English home­work, this book is the story of Erin Costello a girl who is expert at jump­ing to con­clu­sions. Without hes­it­a­tion Erin makes her own judg­ments of every situ­ation with often embar­rass­ing, yet hil­ari­ous out­comes. Her bad habit how­ever soon serves to drive away those closest and dearest to her.

Erin must learn to give oth­ers a chance and real­ize that her prob­lems are not the only, or the biggest, in the world before it’s to late to redeem her lost friends.

‘My Life and Other Catastrophes’ is a great read for any teen­age girl look­ing for an light, easy read that’s based in the real world.

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