The Compassionate Samurai

Description Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World
Author Brian Klemmer
Publisher Hay House
RRP $24.95
GT Issue 2009 T3

Brian Klemmer is a military academy graduate and leadership seminar leader. He is attributed with working with hundreds of thousands of people and to have a client list starting with Aetna Life Insurance and finishing with Walt Disney Attractions with a myriad in between.

On starting this book for review I was at first a little perturbed by the seemingly frequent references to the ‘Heart of the Samurai Seminar’ and wondered if the book was in fact created to be a focus and selling point to accompany these. This was compounded by the exercises for the reader to ponder near the end of the book.

However in reading further I realised that the book reflected its rather superb cover art. This book is appealing… its initial look is interesting. The cover design by Tony Laidig is beautiful and totally appropriate for the contents. And the contents? The comparison between the life and leanings of a Samurai warrior with those of modern man (generic use – please insert woman if you are offended) both in life and particularly in the business world is a fine crafting of ideals.

In this book Klemmer takes the ten codes (character traits) embraced by the samurai, he elaborates on them and offers a life changing theory of how we can achieve aims while maintaining integrity and without losing ethical beliefs.

While it espouses one man’s beliefs on the possibility of human nature’s achievement, it does offer the opportunity for those who like to have inspirational books on hand … either to devour and live by entirely, or indeed to dip into and take those parts which fit their needs… this book is ideal.

And those questions I was concerned about … they are an aid to reflection on the aspects of the ten codes and as such, while they would be great for breakout groups in an seminar session, they are also very valid as triggers for the reader to keep on track.

While I had reservations initially about the book I have to admit that once I had finished it I felt that it has a manner which a lot of businessmen would benefit by partaking of. For those times when there is a need to step back, and think on where you have come from and how you are going to approach the next step… than this book will come into its own. A great gift for the business person in your life

Maria Gill, Illustrated by Vivienne Lingard

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