The Compassionate Samurai

Description Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World
Author Brian Klemmer
Publisher Hay House
RRP $24.95
GT Issue 2009 T3

Brian Klemmer is a mil­it­ary academy gradu­ate and lead­er­ship sem­inar leader. He is attrib­uted with work­ing with hun­dreds of thou­sands of people and to have a cli­ent list start­ing with Aetna Life Insurance and fin­ish­ing with Walt Disney Attractions with a myriad in between.

On start­ing this book for review I was at first a little per­turbed by the seem­ingly fre­quent ref­er­ences to the ‘Heart of the Samurai Seminar’ and wondered if the book was in fact cre­ated to be a focus and selling point to accom­pany these. This was com­poun­ded by the exer­cises for the reader to pon­der near the end of the book.

However in read­ing fur­ther I real­ised that the book reflec­ted its rather superb cover art. This book is appeal­ing… its ini­tial look is inter­est­ing. The cover design by Tony Laidig is beau­ti­ful and totally appro­pri­ate for the con­tents. And the con­tents? The com­par­ison between the life and lean­ings of a Samurai war­rior with those of mod­ern man (gen­eric use – please insert woman if you are offen­ded) both in life and par­tic­u­larly in the busi­ness world is a fine craft­ing of ideals.

In this book Klemmer takes the ten codes (char­ac­ter traits) embraced by the samurai, he elab­or­ates on them and offers a life chan­ging the­ory of how we can achieve aims while main­tain­ing integ­rity and without los­ing eth­ical beliefs.

While it espouses one man’s beliefs on the pos­sib­il­ity of human nature’s achieve­ment, it does offer the oppor­tun­ity for those who like to have inspir­a­tional books on hand … either to devour and live by entirely, or indeed to dip into and take those parts which fit their needs… this book is ideal.

And those ques­tions I was con­cerned about … they are an aid to reflec­tion on the aspects of the ten codes and as such, while they would be great for break­out groups in an sem­inar ses­sion, they are also very valid as trig­gers for the reader to keep on track.

While I had reser­va­tions ini­tially about the book I have to admit that once I had fin­ished it I felt that it has a man­ner which a lot of busi­ness­men would bene­fit by par­tak­ing of. For those times when there is a need to step back, and think on where you have come from and how you are going to approach the next step… than this book will come into its own. A great gift for the busi­ness per­son in your life

Maria Gill, Illustrated by Vivienne Lingard

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