The Last Elf

The Last Elf

Author Silvana De Mari
Publisher Bloomsbury
RRP $24.00
GT Issue 2007 T1
Reviewer Caitlin Dougherty & Karina Davies

Reviewed by Caitlin Dougherty Aged 11
This book was very cool.
It is about a young elf called Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink whose only fam­ily mem­ber, his grand­mother, passes away. This leaves the young elf all alone in the big wide world.

On the night his grand­mother passes away, Yorsh (for short) falls asleep and wakes up in a shack. He is not sure where he is but a very nice woman called Sajra and her can­ine called Dog are in the shack also. They build a friend­ship, with some very unusual “elf” lan­guage (which I really enjoyed) and go about their busi­ness get­ting to know each other until they meet a hunter called Monser.

They all go on an adven­ture, as Yorsh tells the woman and the hunter that he had read a book that told him that the last elf must meet the last dragon so off they all go look­ing for this last dragon!
They go through a num­ber of vil­lages and get into some sticky situ­ations, one of which they nar­rowly escape being hanged, and even­tu­ally find the dragon. Sajra & Monser leave Yorsh with the dragon to live their life together. But that is not the end of the adventure.

I would recom­mend this book to chil­dren aged 11–14 who like adven­ture, dragons & elves, and even those who don’t as I would not nor­mally have read this type of book but I thor­oughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Karina Davies
It was great to read a book with such an adven­ture and inno­cent humour base tar­geted for our early-teens. The “elf” lan­guage was light hearted and cer­tainly put a smile on my face. The whole story was based around Yorsh being left as the last elf and mak­ing his way through life meet­ing new friends and hunt­ing for the dragon.

It was great to see Caitlin laugh­ing as she read some of the things in this book and although she recom­men­ded it for chil­dren aged 11–14 I cer­tainly have to say adult read­ers would not be dis­ap­poin­ted read­ing this.

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