The Last Elf

The Last Elf

Author Silvana De Mari
Publisher Bloomsbury
RRP $24.00
GT Issue 2007 T1
Reviewer Caitlin Dougherty & Karina Davies

Reviewed by Caitlin Dougherty Aged 11
This book was very cool.
It is about a young elf called Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink whose only family member, his grandmother, passes away. This leaves the young elf all alone in the big wide world.

On the night his grandmother passes away, Yorsh (for short) falls asleep and wakes up in a shack. He is not sure where he is but a very nice woman called Sajra and her canine called Dog are in the shack also. They build a friendship, with some very unusual “elf” language (which I really enjoyed) and go about their business getting to know each other until they meet a hunter called Monser.

They all go on an adventure, as Yorsh tells the woman and the hunter that he had read a book that told him that the last elf must meet the last dragon so off they all go looking for this last dragon!
They go through a number of villages and get into some sticky situations, one of which they narrowly escape being hanged, and eventually find the dragon. Sajra & Monser leave Yorsh with the dragon to live their life together. But that is not the end of the adventure.

I would recommend this book to children aged 11-14 who like adventure, dragons & elves, and even those who don’t as I would not normally have read this type of book but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Karina Davies
It was great to read a book with such an adventure and innocent humour base targeted for our early-teens. The “elf” language was light hearted and certainly put a smile on my face. The whole story was based around Yorsh being left as the last elf and making his way through life meeting new friends and hunting for the dragon.

It was great to see Caitlin laughing as she read some of the things in this book and although she recommended it for children aged 11-14 I certainly have to say adult readers would not be disappointed reading this.

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