Wholly Irresponsible Exploits

Wholly Irresponsible Exploits

Description 65 ways to Muck About with Science
Author Sean Connolly
Publisher Allen & Unwin
RRP $35.00
GT Issue 2009 T1

“Wholly Irresponsible Exploits: 65 Ways to Muck About with Science” is Sean Connolly’s follow up to the excellent “Wholly Irresponsible Experiments”.
While some naysayers may point out that the experiments are at the very well behaved end of the irresponsibility spectrum, I thought the range of experiments was great and different from other “lets have fun with science” books I’ve seen recently.
The text is entertaining and informative, with the cover and illustrations reminiscent of “The Dangerous Book for Boys”.

The experiments can be done pretty much with things you will find around the house, in the kitchen or garden shed.

That said, I don’t have personal experience of any of them.
I tried to encourage my children to read and review this book for me, however the appeal of the beach was too great for them.
Fortunately I bumped into an interested reviewer at the swimming pool….

Luke Allis, aged 11, happily took the book home and by the time I saw him a few days later he’d already done two of the experiments.

“ What is really good about it is that it has step by step instructions that make the experiment simple to do. And then at the end it tells you how it works and tells you the science part of it. There are short stories at the beginning of each chapter, and lots of it is really funny.”

This book would be a great gift for older children or families interested in doing experiments together.
Luke thinks it would appeal to children aged 10 and up.
“Definitely people who like watching science shows like “Brainiac” and “Lets Get Inventing” would like this so they could try out some of their own experiments at home.”

Highly recommended.

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