Wholly Irresponsible Exploits

Wholly Irresponsible Exploits

Description 65 ways to Muck About with Science
Author Sean Connolly
Publisher Allen & Unwin
RRP $35.00
GT Issue 2009 T1

“Wholly Irresponsible Exploits: 65 Ways to Muck About with Science” is Sean Connolly’s fol­low up to the excel­lent “Wholly Irresponsible Experiments”.
While some naysay­ers may point out that the exper­i­ments are at the very well behaved end of the irre­spons­ib­il­ity spec­trum, I thought the range of exper­i­ments was great and dif­fer­ent from other “lets have fun with sci­ence” books I’ve seen recently.
The text is enter­tain­ing and inform­at­ive, with the cover and illus­tra­tions remin­is­cent of “The Dangerous Book for Boys”.

The exper­i­ments can be done pretty much with things you will find around the house, in the kit­chen or garden shed.

That said, I don’t have per­sonal exper­i­ence of any of them.
I tried to encour­age my chil­dren to read and review this book for me, how­ever the appeal of the beach was too great for them.
Fortunately I bumped into an inter­ested reviewer at the swim­ming pool.…

Luke Allis, aged 11, hap­pily took the book home and by the time I saw him a few days later he’d already done two of the experiments.

“ What is really good about it is that it has step by step instruc­tions that make the exper­i­ment simple to do. And then at the end it tells you how it works and tells you the sci­ence part of it. There are short stor­ies at the begin­ning of each chapter, and lots of it is really funny.”

This book would be a great gift for older chil­dren or fam­il­ies inter­ested in doing exper­i­ments together.
Luke thinks it would appeal to chil­dren aged 10 and up.
“Definitely people who like watch­ing sci­ence shows like “Brainiac” and “Lets Get Inventing” would like this so they could try out some of their own exper­i­ments at home.”

Highly recom­men­ded.

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