A Jazz & Blues Christmas

A Jazz & Blues Christmas

RRP $29.95
GT Issue 2009 T1

Christmas is the time of year we all associate with overplayed Christmas tunes The ones we look forward to hearing all year and then find them done to death and tedious by the third rendition heard each festive season.

I have a friend who could be accurately described as Christmas Music fiend… given the chance they’d be playing the yuletide tunes all year round… perhaps it does something to his psyche?

This aficionado of Christmas music has begged for a copy of A Jazz and Blues Christmas (he has no chance and can buy one from me instead! – see end of review) At last he has found a Christmas cd he could lay all year without risking the threat of divorce.

The cd is a wonderful collection of Jazz and Blues which offers the chance to chill out and enjoy in the busy run out to Christmas – actually at any time of the year with a feeling of nostalgia you would find this cd and a red wine … bliss

So why am I reviewing it in the aftermath of the festive season? I wanted to see if the appeal remained once the tinsel had long gone … and it does. I have it playing on my iPod while writing this and it has the same toe-tapping effect that it had on a long road trip before Christmas.


  1. B.B. King • Christmas Celebration
  2. Charles Brown • Santa’s Blues
  3. Randy Greer and Ignasi Terraza Trio • Wrap Yourself in a Christmas Package
  4. Emilie-Claire Barlow • Santa Baby
  5. Ray Charles • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  6. The Ramsey Lewis Trio • Here Comes Santa Claus
  7. The Dukes of Dixieland feat. Luther Kent • Merry Christmas Baby
  8. Topsy Chapman and Lars Edegran • The Christmas Blues
  9. Riff Ruffin • Xmas Baby
  10. Mighty Blue Kings • All I Ask for Christmas

I can’t pick any of these over others .. So if it’s brassy traditional jazz or soulful blues you’ll find it here.
Not a record just for the festive season…. some of the proceeds from the sale of this cd go to the India Foundation for the Arts in support of its efforts to enrich the practise, knowledge, public access to and experience of the arts in India.

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