A Jazz & Blues Christmas

A Jazz & Blues Christmas

RRP $29.95
GT Issue 2009 T1

Christmas is the time of year we all asso­ci­ate with over­played Christmas tunes The ones we look for­ward to hear­ing all year and then find them done to death and tedi­ous by the third rendi­tion heard each fest­ive season.

I have a friend who could be accur­ately described as Christmas Music fiend… given the chance they’d be play­ing the yuletide tunes all year round… per­haps it does some­thing to his psyche?

This afi­cion­ado of Christmas music has begged for a copy of A Jazz and Blues Christmas (he has no chance and can buy one from me instead! – see end of review) At last he has found a Christmas cd he could lay all year without risk­ing the threat of divorce.

The cd is a won­der­ful col­lec­tion of Jazz and Blues which offers the chance to chill out and enjoy in the busy run out to Christmas – actu­ally at any time of the year with a feel­ing of nos­tal­gia you would find this cd and a red wine … bliss

So why am I review­ing it in the after­math of the fest­ive sea­son? I wanted to see if the appeal remained once the tin­sel had long gone … and it does. I have it play­ing on my iPod while writ­ing this and it has the same toe-tapping effect that it had on a long road trip before Christmas.


  1. B.B. King • Christmas Celebration
  2. Charles Brown • Santa’s Blues
  3. Randy Greer and Ignasi Terraza Trio • Wrap Yourself in a Christmas Package
  4. Emilie-Claire Barlow • Santa Baby
  5. Ray Charles • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  6. The Ramsey Lewis Trio • Here Comes Santa Claus
  7. The Dukes of Dixieland feat. Luther Kent • Merry Christmas Baby
  8. Topsy Chapman and Lars Edegran • The Christmas Blues
  9. Riff Ruffin • Xmas Baby
  10. Mighty Blue Kings • All I Ask for Christmas

I can’t pick any of these over oth­ers .. So if it’s brassy tra­di­tional jazz or soul­ful blues you’ll find it here.
Not a record just for the fest­ive sea­son.… some of the pro­ceeds from the sale of this cd go to the India Foundation for the Arts in sup­port of its efforts to enrich the prac­tise, know­ledge, pub­lic access to and exper­i­ence of the arts in India.

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