Description World Lullabies & Soothing Songs
RRP $29.95
GT Issue 2009 T2

I would pack­age this cd up with a bottle of wine and some beau­ti­ful candles and give it to friends (with chil­dren) who need the oppor­tun­ity to chill out!

They could listen to the cd and enjoy the wine and candles in the even­ing and the next day the chil­dren could also be soothed by what has to be one of my favour­ite cds.

This cd has not only the usable classroom assets of the first two cds but is also glor­i­ous to listen to at home play­ing in the back­ground or as a ‘chill out’ sound.

It offers a peace­ful and rest­ful inter­lude (35 minutes)with beau­ti­ful tunes which have been well selec­ted and ordered.

Selecting any few from a diverse group of songs is dif­fi­cult but if I had to the fol­low­ing are very spe­cial.
The lyr­ical Naïma from Benin on the first track, Thula Mama from South Africa, through the hunt­ing Cradle Spell of Dunvegan from Scotland and the all to short Durme Durme from Brazil

  1. Angélique Kidjo w/Carlos Santana • Naïma • (Benin)
  2. Erick Mañana • Ny Fitiavako An’I Mama • (Madagascar)
  3. Teresa Doyle • A Lullabye • (Canada)
  4. Sibongile Khumalo • Thula Mama • (South Africa)
  5. Claudia Martinez • Arriba Del Cielo • (Mexico)
  6. Letterstick Band • Yi-Rrana • (Australia)
  7. Virginia Rosa • La Vai Alguem • (Brazil)
  8. Lynn Morrison • Cradle Spell of Dunvegan • (Scotland)
  9. Tanja Solnik • Numi Numi • (USA)
  10. The Sanshin Café Orchestra • Cradle Song • (Japan)
  11. Beatriz Pichi Malen • Cancion Para Dormiraun Nino • (Argentina)
  12. Fortuna • Durme Durme • (Brazil)
  13. Zulya • Lullaby • (Tatarstan/Russia)

Restful with beau­ti­ful tunes which have been well selec­ted and ordered.
A won­der­ful gift!

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