Description World Lullabies & Soothing Songs
RRP $29.95
GT Issue 2009 T2

I would package this cd up with a bottle of wine and some beautiful candles and give it to friends (with children) who need the opportunity to chill out!

They could listen to the cd and enjoy the wine and candles in the evening and the next day the children could also be soothed by what has to be one of my favourite cds.

This cd has not only the usable classroom assets of the first two cds but is also glorious to listen to at home playing in the background or as a ‘chill out’ sound.

It offers a peaceful and restful interlude (35 minutes)with beautiful tunes which have been well selected and ordered.

Selecting any few from a diverse group of songs is difficult but if I had to the following are very special.
The lyrical Naïma from Benin on the first track, Thula Mama from South Africa, through the hunting Cradle Spell of Dunvegan from Scotland and the all to short Durme Durme from Brazil

  1. Angélique Kidjo w/Carlos Santana • Naïma • (Benin)
  2. Erick Manana • Ny Fitiavako An’I Mama • (Madagascar)
  3. Teresa Doyle • A Lullabye • (Canada)
  4. Sibongile Khumalo • Thula Mama • (South Africa)
  5. Claudia Martinez • Arriba Del Cielo • (Mexico)
  6. Letterstick Band • Yi-Rrana • (Australia)
  7. Virginia Rosa • La Vai Alguem • (Brazil)
  8. Lynn Morrison • Cradle Spell of Dunvegan • (Scotland)
  9. Tanja Solnik • Numi Numi • (USA)
  10. The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra • Cradle Song • (Japan)
  11. Beatriz Pichi Malen • Cancion Para Dormiraun Nino • (Argentina)
  12. Fortuna • Durme Durme • (Brazil)
  13. Zulya • Lullaby • (Tatarstan/Russia)

Restful with beautiful tunes which have been well selected and ordered.
A wonderful gift!

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